Peka – Home as from a Hollywood movie.

Peka – Home as from a Hollywood movie.

Our product team is constantly looking for products that make everyday life easier for customers and products that make the space special. We met Peka products in 2018 at the furniture fair in Pordenone, Italy. After the research on the interest of these products in Macedonia, in 2019, the Peka factory made the first training of our employees, so now we can proudly present you the products that represent innovation, quality, and luxury that we have been looking for for a long time.

FIORO collection
An irresistible combination of wood and metal panels, in a harmonious whole. The new trend of open kitchens towards the living room creates a space for cooking, living and relaxing. Hence the need to pay more attention to the kitchen and the materials that will be used in its manufacture.

Peka Fioro

Fioro oak shelves give us the freedom to personalize, all we need to do is let go of creative creativity. You can combine them with glass, compact, aluminum or any other material you choose. You can also engrave oak fronts if you wish, which would make them even better.

LIBELL collection
The combination of warm natural colors with matte is the latest trend in the world of furniture. Wood and metal, especially oak and steel, are a complementary composition.

The open kitchen and the view from the living room to the kitchen made the style, design, and functionality more important than ever. So, if you use light wood in the space, the Libell anthracite collection is the right choice for you. Thin minimalist lines that will capture the elegance of your space.


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