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We are able to arrange a just in time delivery of furniture accessories to keep your stock at the lowest level possible.

Our wide range of the most trendy and design items will keep your work at the highest current level.

About the company

Spanholz Ltd. was founded in 2015 as a subsidiary of Novomak DOOEL, Skopje, especially for the purpose of trade within the EU market environment. It`s main activity is the wholesale and brokerage of business opportunities for companies engaged in the manufacture of furniture, trade-in fittings, and related derivatives.

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We’ll save you money. With our know-how and direct sourcing from manufacturers or first-hand representatives, we are able to save you % of your purchase price.

quick delivery

We cooperate with TNT for a quick and reasonably priced services, for larger shipments and pallets, we work with local transporters.


View on-line actual Démos trade catalogs – fittings and complementary material. BRAND NEW Catalog of Demos 2020 fittings view in our Services page.

cutting facilities

We offer cutting, CNC drilling and ABS edgebanding with PUR glue on the latest machines from Austrian manufacturers Shelling and OTT.

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April 2020 – CLEAF presented by EGGER

Cleaf and Egger are two family-owned companies that are globally active in the sector of surface materials for furniture and interior design. The Caspani and the Egger families share the passion for furniture and a constant desire to make furnishings and interiors more aesthetic and functional. Common vision and mutual respect have paved the way […]

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